Miguel Von Dangel

He was born in Bayreuth, Germany. He resides in Venezuela from 1948. He makes studies of sculpture, decoration and engraving, in the School of Plastic Arts Cristóbal Rojas. In a exhibition in 1965 worked with the students Luís Guevara Moreno. His first individual exhibition is carried out in the Society Maraury, Petare, Miranda state in 1965, soon, Spiral Gallery, School of Plastic Arts Cristóbal Rojas, Caracas in 1966, III Hall Fish Gilded, Athenian of Caracas in 1966, Theater Leoncio Martinez, Caracas in 1967, Athenian of Puerto Cabello in 1968, XX2, Caracas in 1969, Gallery CONAC, Caracas in 1976, Museum of Bellas Artes, Caracas in 1984, II Biennial of Visual Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas in 1984, Gallery of National Art, Caracas in 1988, 1988 made a work in New York, next to Ernesto Leon and Carlos Zerpa, XLV Biennial of Venice with Batalla of San Romano in 1993, Museum of Art Mario Abreu, Maracay in 1993, Anthological Exhibition, Gallery of National Art, Caracas in 1994, Museum of Bellas Artes, Caracas in 1995. He receives in 1965 Unique Mention in Salón de Pintura Juvenil, House of the Culture, Miranda and in 1990 he obtains the National Prize of Plastic Arts, Caracas.

Starting your art collection

When starting a collection one must consider a variety of factors. First however, one must start by asking – why and how will I start to collect art?

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