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Rafael Barrios

Levitating Nimbus

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Carlos Cruz-Diez

Chromointerférence Manipulable

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Edgar Negret


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Balice puts at your disposal for its acquisition works by Venezuelan, Latin American and International Masters, as well as emerging talents. Our website facilitates access to collectors' works and makes the pre-selection process simple, through our catalog of works, in the comfort of your home or office.

And if you want to sell works from your collection of the artists we represent, we offer you the best advice to place it in the market in a safe and reliable way.

Years of experience
Artists in our catalog
Available artworks


Alexander Calder, Henri Matisse, James Bardens, Marisol Escobar...

Latin American

Edgar Negret, Fernando Botero, Romero Britto, Julio Le Parc...


Alirio Palacios, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Oswaldo Vigas, Alirio Rodríguez...


Christian Santy, Liu Bolin, Wuilfredo Soto, Luis 'Legz' Garcia...

Oriental Art/Antiques

This section encompasses a wide variety of artworks with different cultural or religious influences; Chinese, Indian, Korean, Japanese, & pieces hailing from the wider Orient feature prominently, both influencing & reflecting some of their Western counterparts.

Corporate Gifts

Our options include works by Carlos Medina, Agostino Di Munno, Ricardo Goldman and Hugo Newton.

Monumental Artworks

We have Artists who design Murals, Monumental Works for buildings or Shopping Centers and private Designs for houses.

Starting your art collection

When starting a collection one must consider a variety of factors. First however, one must start by asking – why and how will I start to collect art?

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Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Ask for the artist you are looking for and we take care of locating available works.

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