When you start any collection must take into account several factors, but we must start with why we started our collection:



If the decision is for INVESTMENT you must consider several aspects:
Markers and indicators on the rise of artists
Durable Textures
Old Masters

If the decision is for DECORATION:
Colors, shapes and styles (Young Artist)

If the decision is BOTH: We have to play with artists, indicators, forms and styles.

Once selected these aspects, take into account others such as:
IF OUTDOOR - Weather Resistant materials

Another aspect to consider: SPACE
Large (Art work of large dimensions)
Short (Art work of short dimensions)

Within the area of space is simplicity, not many works of art put together and you lose the elegance of the spaces. Is more suitable centrally located great work.

Another aspect is the Reason, generally sought according to the area that we will place the work of art, for example if a room: a good still life and flowers, if a room: a landscape or a seascape, if study: a boat, a mountain, etc.