Gabriel Bracho

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Born in Altagracia, state of Zulia, in 1915. He studied in the “Círculo Artístico del Zulia” in the “Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Aplicadas de Caracas”, and later, in Chile and Mexico, where he developed an interest in Mural Painting, with a social message, influenced by David Alvaro Sequeiros. For this reason, his works are full of messages, symbols and references to the American World.

He has exhibited in Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, England, Mexico and Venezuela. In 1976 received the “First Prize” in the “Triennial Realistic Painting” in Bulgaria. He died in 1995.

Starting your art collection

When starting a collection one must consider a variety of factors. First however, one must start by asking – why and how will I start to collect art?

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