Latin American Artists

Kcho: Oil

The work of Alexis Leyva Machado (Kcho) is essentially poetic and imbued with landscape and Cuban popular culture, forges a reflection on travel and the environment, on the continual evolution of time and matter.

Leonora Carrington - Painting

Leonora Carrington was born in England (1917) and at an early age she was fascinated with drawing. While studying in London, she was introduced to the surrealist artist Max Ernst, who deeply influenced her emotional life as well as her painting.

Luis Tomasello - Sculpture

Tomasello has developed a visual language that expresses movement through visual effects. With the placement of cubes or pegs at an angle to create a repetitive pattern on a flat wooden panel, the artist explores non-pictorial ways to imbue an object with the active surface game.

Mariano Rodríguez - Painting

Born on August 24, 1912 in Havana. In 1928 he applied for enrollment at the San Alejandro School of Plastic Arts, in the subject of natural drawing and modeling.

Martha Boto - Sculture

She was born in Buenos Aires in a family originally from Spain. He inherits the tastes of his grandfather and his mother for theater, art and music. Very young showing predisposition for drawing and painting.

Omar Rayo - Geometric Art

Painter, engraving artist and sculptor. Rayo’s works are dedicated to the geometric figure. He accomplished more than 200 exhibitions in several countries around the world. His paintings often reflect a perceivable trail of an indigenous ancestry.

Oswaldo Guayasamin - Drawing

Born in Quito, Ecuador, Oswaldo Guayasamín is one of his country’s best-known artists. His early work from the 1940s reflects his interest in the country’s topography and its people, especially the working class.

Rafael Parra Toro - Pintura

He is an Argentine / Venezuelan artist whose production is characterized by the contemporary development of kinetic-optical art based on the combination of the aesthetics of character design and the use of new digital technologies.

René Portocarrero - Painting

He was a Cuban painter. He is currently considered one of the most prominent figures of Cuban plastic and one of the leading artists of the twentieth century in Cuba. His pictorial themes are often related to the Afro-Cuban tradition.

Roberto Matta - Painting

Born in Santiago de Chile. He completed his studies at the Catholic University in 1931. He traveled to Paris in 1933 and worked as an assistant in the study of Le Corbusier.

Romero Britto

Romero is one of the most recognized Brazilian plastic artists in the world. As a painter and sculptor, his works have cubist influences, as well as pop art and street art popularly known as graffit

Rufino Tamayo - Painting

He was born in Oaxaca, Mexico in 1899 and died in his native country in 1992. His work addresses issues such as the human figure, animals and the cosmos, and has had several stages that ended with a colorful synthesis of forms.

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