Leonora Carrington was born in England (1917) and from an early age was fascinated with drawing. While studying in London she was introduced to the surrealist artist Max Ernst, who deeply influenced her emotional life as well as her painting. She later met and worked with the Surrealist artist living in Paris. Carrington participated in mayor exhibitions of surrealism before moving to México in 1941. The first of her many solo exhibitions took place in 1948 in New York. Her work was exhibited in major surrealist exhibitions in Cologne and Paris in 1971 and 1972. Retrospectives of her work have been held in New York at the Center of Inter-American Relations in 1976; in Monterrey at the Museum of Contemporary Art in 1994; and in México City at the Museum of Modern Art in 1995. Another important exhibition of her works was Leonora Carrington, The Mexican Years at the Mexican Museum in San Francisco in 1991. The artist lives in México City.