Graduate of Arts from the University of Art in Warsaw (1956-1962), then where is Assistant Professor (1963-1965) and Professor in Charge of Lithography Workshop (1968-1971). SINCE 1962 participated in group exhibitions in Europe and America. He has painted murals, posters, book covers and illustrations in France, Denmark, Poland and Venezuela. In 1971 he was hired by the University of Zulia (LUZ), Professor and the Chair of Fundamentals of design and layout in the School of Journalism, and teaches workshops Engraving and Design. That year working on the Modern Printmaking Art Center, invited by the Art and History Museum in Switzerland. In 1973 he returned to Warsaw in paragraph Work of Art University professor as aggregates and the following year and again an WORK ON Caracas as Professor Neumann Institute for Graphic Design and Printing Techniques. Duran That time an exhibition of his German roam Seven Cities (1973-1974). Audience The book is visible decibels, here, published by the Institute Neumann. Between 1976 and 1982 Professor of how it works Added to mention Art Universidad Nacional Experimental Simón Rodríguez (UNESR).

His work itself out for the Recreation and deformed beings trapped, always touch without the associated cartoonish expressionism europeo.1 a dominant theme of his work as an engraver is a cartoonist and the two figures ("men, women and Man, apes), naked, severely deformed, UN mounted over the other in landscapes or bus, another of his themes crushing giant figure shows a man without prolixity With Little or disjointed entomologist, is real room without the configuration of paradise, represented by Highest Level Where without holding onto a cable from the UN, and hold itself trephining sinister figure. On buses without bras do produce perfect between the figures and the internal space, the limits of color and the precise location of the deformations and arbitrary . Juan Calzadilla, who enroll here at Critical Humanism's Call, has written notable artist, Detyniecki inherited from the Polish School The dramatic expressions of imagery that is based on the Recreation Classic Myths and Symbols adapted a contemporary.

Gallery 1968 iCast, Denmark Copenhagen / Municipal Gallery, Flensburg, Germany
1970 Association of Polish Artists, Warsaw, Poland
1971 Engraving Art Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela / Centro de Bellas Artes, Maracaibo, Venezuela
1972 Gallery La Otra Banda, Merida, Venezuela / Gaudi Gallery, Maracaibo, Venezuela
1973 Association of Art Critics, Krakow, Poland
Viva Mexico 1974 Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela
1976 New Art Center, Caracas, Venezuela
1979 New Vision Gallery, Maracaibo, Venezuela / "Homo homini lupus est", Galería Durban, Caracas
1982 "solemn Games: Oils & Drawings", Sala Cadafe, Caracas, Venezuela
1983 "Oil Paintings, Drawings, Prints," Alliance Française, Caracas, Venezuela
1984 Palace of Culture, Warsaw, Poland
1985 "In Warsaw a Caracas", Galería Durban, Caracas, Venezuela
1986 Venezuelan Culture Center, Embassy of Venezuela, Bogotá, Colombia
1989 Museum of Fine Arts, 3 Lisbon, Portugal
1990 "Dreams, magic and Images", Gallery Astrid Paredes, Caracas, Venezuela
1993 Felix Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela
1996 Felix Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela

1972 First National Drawing Award, Venezuela
1973 First Prize Best Recorded Poland of the Year
1975 First Prize, Exhibition of Prints and Drawings, Merida, Venezuela