He was born in Paris, but lived most of his life in Rouen. Dumont studied at the Lycée Corneille with Robert Antoine Pinchon and Marcel Duchamp, under the supervision of Philippe Zacharie. Dumont was an extremely driven individual; his wish to become a successful artist superseded his father’s opposition and his own financial challenges. When the artist was 22, he had his first solo exhibition at Galerie Legrip, where his fiery temperament as a colorist was confirmed. Displeased with the contemporaneous Parisian art scene, Dumont took it upon himself to create a parallel salon and reunited GroupXXX. At its foundation, the artist was one of the most active members of the Society of Rouen Artists. A versatile artist, Dumont painted still-lifes, landscapes, cityscapes and portraits of mostly well-known artists of the day. He exhibited with such artists as Picabia, Léger, Dufy, Duchamp, Villon, Guilbert, Louvrier, Luce, Utrillo, and Vlaminck.